The miracle of coffee

An article looks at various recent studies on coffee and concludes not only that coffee is good for us, but that the more we drink, the better.

It’s always dangerous to claim that something is universally good (or universally bad, for that matter). In the case of coffee, to be sure, many people will benefit from it. But some people will consume it to excess, which will cause problems later on. Excesses always cause problems in the long run—this is called the Law of yin and yang.

Also, not everybody benefits from coffee. According to Chinese medicine, coffee increases heart energy, which is fine for people whose heart can use a boost, but not so good for people with an already over-excited heart. Several studies confirm that coffee isn’t for everyone; this is stated in the article mentioned above.

So how much coffee should we drink, if any? Chinese medicine tells us that if we listen to our body, it will tell us exactly what we need.

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