Exploring the Mediterranean diet

A large-scale study seems to confirm that a Mediterranean-style diet helps keep the elderly healthy and increases longevity. In the late 1940s, it was observed that people who live around the Mediterranean sea seem to be generally healthier, and live … Continue reading

Forgetfulness in the elderly

According to new research, ‘normal’ forgetfulness in the elderly is likely to be the first sign of Alzheimer’s disease or cerebrovascular disease. According to Chinese medicine, mental activity is related to the heart: if heart energy is low, circulation diminishes … Continue reading

Depression and the elderly; depression and exercise

According to new research, treating depression in the elderly can not only improve their spirits but also their physical health, which allows them to remain independent longer. Another study suggests that exercise may help depression. According to Chinese medicine, happiness … Continue reading

TB, syphilis and leprosy make way for cancer

Looking at over 3000 skeletons dating from about 5300 BC to the 19th century AD, researchers have found much more evidence of tuberculosis, syphilis and leprosy than of cancer, but cancer is far more common today than those other diseases … Continue reading