Preventing and treating upset stomachs

In the Chinese system of cycles, there are several 60-day periods of high humidity every year. According to Chinese medicine, dampness increases the amount of mucus in the digestive system, which prevents normal absorption of food. This causes bloating, gas, diarrhea, stomach flu, indigestion and the like.

One of the best remedies for internal dampness is barley. Eat some barley 1 to 2 times a day to treat stomach problems, or 3 times a week as a preventive measure if you’re prone to stomach upsets. Discontinue if it bothers you.

You can prepare the barley in almost any way you like, the simplest being barley soup, for which there are countless recipes online. Whatever preparation you choose, make sure it contains as little oil and fat as possible, and no dairy products at all, because these increase the production of mucus in the digestive system.

It also helps to avoid eating wheat for the same reason: it increases mucus in the digestive system.

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