Vitamin E supplements and the heart

Vitamin E supplements do not seem to prevent cancer, strokes or heart attacks and may, in fact, increase the risk of heart failure (Study Raises Doubts About Vitamin E Supplements).

Vitamin E supplements are oil-based. Oil, according to Chinese medicine, belongs to the Water element. The main property of Water is ‘cold.’

Now, the heart belongs to the Fire element. According to the Law of 5 elements, Water extinguishes fire, and according to Chinese medicine, cold drains heart energy. That is why oil-based supplements are not recommended for people who have a heart problem of the ‘Deficient Fire’ type (in which the heart energy is low).

Heart disease, however, can also be of the ‘Excessive Fire’ type. In that case, the cold helps diminish the excessive Fire, and oily supplements are likely to help improve the heart. The best way to determine whether a heart problem is caused by excessive Fire or deficient Fire is to consult a Chinese medicine practitioner.

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