Treating eczema

A recent article discusses the discovery of the gene that causes dry skin, which can lead to the development of better treatments for eczema and asthma.

More interesting to me than this discovery are the readers’s comments at the end of the article. Most comments describe the painful and often debilitating effects of eczema and bemoan the lack of effective treatment for this condition.

However, five of the eighteen comments posted describe solutions that have worked.

  • One person’s eczema and asthma cleared up after eliminating all dairy foods. Also by eliminating dairy foods, a little girl’s eczema subsided.
  • Another person’s eczema cleared up for several years after swimming in the Mediterranean sea at Kos, Greece.
  • The most interesting, to me, are the two people who were helped by Chinese medicine. One person’s psoriasis subsided with a Chinese herbal cream, another person’s eczema and overall health improved dramatically after treatment by a Chinese medicine practitioner.

Too bad that the person who was helped by the cream brushed off Chinese medicine as being ‘open to question’ and is still hoping for ‘a sure treatment’. Can’t win ’em all!

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